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Imagine software that allows you to update your Daily Flight Sheets online, then automatically populates Digital Logbooks for both Aircraft and Pilots. Now tie in Aircraft Maintenance Tracking in Real Time to your AME or AMO and you have the foundation of our Aviation Management Software.

Flight Sheets

Digital, cloud-based flight sheet software maximizes the efficiency of your aircraft and pilot resources.


Digital, Smart and Connected. Paper is gone, and so are the costly human errors in calculation.

Maintenance Tracking

Time Remaining, Engine Components, Out of Phase Items. Aircraft Status in Real Time ensures Airworthiness.

Aircraft Logbooks

Every entry is made, automatically. Viewed in real time by Maintenance Personnel, accessible everywhere by pilots.

Pilot Logbooks

You open your logbook, and your flight is already entered. Access any data: Night, Type, Recency, Totals, everything!

Pilot Training Records

Digital PTR flights, first solo checklists, test recommendations, and ground school; all accessible over the internet. Give your students the access they crave!


AirBooks is best in class when it comes to flight and maintenance scheduling and reporting. We are a team with decades of industry experience. Our vision was to create an aircraft and airport system so fast, smart and immersive, you wouldn't ever think about manual record keeping or flight scheduling ever again.

  • 2009-2011

    How We Got Started

    With an idea that began over 10 years ago, AirBooks is the result of good ideas, passion and the need to solve every day issues in aircraft management.

  • SUMMER 2017

    AirBooks is Born

    The founding team was gathered and was prepped for take off. Within weeks, the process of design and functionality became vision realized.

  • DECEMBER 2017

    First Phase Completed

    At the end of 2017, AirBooks was already being used by several customers. The AirBooks team is well connected within the industry and so finding customers that wanted to shape the product was an easy task.

  • 2018 AND FORWARD

    Enhance, & Improve

    The AirBooks team continues to work closely with our customers and deliver value added products. We invite you to join us on your journey in aircraft/airport management and visibility.

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